Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Tech Report :: Wonder if Toodledo Can Help Me Produce?

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The last couple of weeks I have been on another techy binge.  Some of that had to do with the Yahoo email account getting hacked.  Maybe I'll talk about that more some time, but, for now, let it suffice to say, that event has caused me to re-evaluate MUCH about my email presence on the net.

iGoogle is going to the net heavens in the sky in November of 2013 they tell us.  I am going to miss my iGoogle page, it was where my browser went when I started up the computer and the net for the day.  I had weather widgets, a few jokes, puppy photos, and most important my Google Reader widget.

So, since we hope to be on the road for THE Trip, THE Encore in a few months, I decided to be proactive and start searching for a new "front page" now.  The thought was, I have a little time now,  other than the fact that I am working on another book that I really want to finish in the next week or so, I have time now.  Well, maybe??  Anywhoooooo, more on front pages in the future here at Reflections - - -

During that process someone mentioned that they could not live without Toodledo helping to manage their lives and their to do lists.  Since I was on a techy toy/app mission, I decided to have a lookie see.  Why not, while I was on that roll? Below, a screen shot of a portion of the web page. Toodledo is a web site where you build your own to do list, your to do list stored in the cloud.

So, I signed up, and started playing.  I decided I would include even some mundane items, like taking my meds in the morning and evening, working on my web sites, my back up projects and even checking some of my many email accounts (yes, I frequently forget to even check them in the rush of life, my bad, my truth).  My thought was put even the small every day activities and see if by listing them it made any difference in how I approached them.  Since I have episodes of procrastination, would looking at this every day shame me into action??

So far, I am doing pretty good with the truly mundane chores, checking those email accounts I tend to forget about, but, are important to check.  Some of the weekly to do items, I am not doing so well with.  Over all I feel I have been more productive.

And, the experiment continues.

* The disclaimer, iGoogle, GoogleReader, Toodledo are copyrighted names and products.  You know the routine, I use them, some successfully, others, well, not so much.  I have not been asked to review them.  If there is a fee or price to pay, I pay it.  They not only do not ask me to review their products, they do not give me any $$ or gift to do so.


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