Saturday, August 4, 2012

Time to Spoil the Grandtwins, Day 6

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Our last day, how fast does a week go??  FAST!  We started out doing some laundry, cleaning and packing.  After lunch we decided to have one more go at one of the caches that had defied us and have some ice cream.

First stop the historical marker that had a very well hidden cache.  We were reassured after meeting that cacher the other day that our GPS was right on, and that the cache was hidden where we were looking, which was here:

Closer peak, a bit out of focus, Sony liked the grass, it is in focus. Sigh.

And, ta da, here it is:

Ice cream time, no photos of the goodies, we were all too busy eating!  LOL

Since we were "hot" we decided to try for one more cache close by at another historical and fun spot, our infamous Irish Hills Towers.  This Wikipedia article does a fair job of summarizing this site.  Knowing where we would be searching, we drove right over, here is Man trying to get an idea of where that GPS was trying to take us.

Grandtwin with the GPS had tried before Man took over (above), she kept telling us, "it says it is across the street", and ha ha, we doubted her ability.  That was a mistake!  LOL  See, she was right, below, closing in on the cache:

And, she found it!  They sure like to hide caches in these guard rails around here.  After we opened it, signed the log, she returned the cache to it's hiding place:

It was now time to head back home, their dad was waiting for us.  Our week was over.  We had a lot of fun, some good geocaching, a beautiful day at the lake, lots of good eats, many laughs and several late nights watching the Olympics.


The house is quiet now, we are planning the next visit.



Lori E said...

Score! It is nice to have an activity to share with the younger generations. They will always remember these things.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thanks for taking us along on your week with the grand twins.

Always listen to the kid who says they know where something is or how to get to it. I learned that one along time ago. Of course actually remembering that lesson is another story!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I sure agree with Michelle Goodrum! Thanks for taking us along on your week with the grand twins! They are lovely young ladies and it looks like you all made it a fascinating week for them and fun you you all.

Am interested in Geo-caching, so need to read up on it! Looks like something fun my grands and I could do together!