Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Tech Report :: Chimani, My Fav App

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I cannot wait to use this later this fall when Man and I start THE Trip, THE Encore, to explore new areas out west.  Actually, we have had fun playing with it this week, marking off the parks we have been to over the last, hmmmmm, XX years or so.

Chimani Apps for the Outdoors

And specifically, the National Parks app.  Here for iPad, iPhones, iPods.  Here for Android.

Many many thanks to Jenna Mills for suggesting the app to me over on Google Plus.  Jenna blogs at Desperately Seeking Surnames.

This is the best app I have downloaded on the iPad, for my travel addiction.  (Families is my favorite so far for my family history addiction.)

The app is intuitive, all encompassing, has photos, overviews of the parks, statistics, links to many park web sites, a super slick map, and more.  And, yes, it is fun "stamping" the parks you have been to and you can even indicate the year you were there!  It is also fun looking at "My Chimani", the list of parks we have visited.  We have LOTS more to visit!  WOOT!

*  You know the disclaimer, I use the products named in this blog post, I pay for them, full price.  Sometimes I use them with success, other times, well, not so successful.  I have not been asked to review these products.  They own them and the copyrights.

**Graphic used with permission of Kerry Gallivan of Chimani.

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Michelle Goodrum said...

Just downloaded the app. I'm seeing hours of discussion, reminiscing and entertainment here!