Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Man Gets Piney, And What A Cache Container!

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The other day Man and I decided to do a bit of geocaching, cemetery hopping, errands and treat our selves to lunch out.  It was gloomy and they had threatened (err, promised) rain, but, we are brave and left home anyway!

Our first stop was the cemetery.  While I gathered my records Man pulled out the GPS and discovered there was a cache 82 feet away!  Well, now then, how fun is that??  So, we started looking, part 1 was to find a stone, take some data from it and find new coordinates.  OK.  About the time we needed to put in the new coordinates, the batteries on the GPS died.  Well, that was a bit inconvenient.

So, I started reading stones, checking my records.  I finished about 2/3rds of the section and the rain started.  Hmmmmphhh.

Off to the grocery store we go, did our errands, purchased new batteries for the GPS and back to the cemetery we go, it had stopped raining.

Find, was a FAIL.  We are pretty sure we solved the clues correctly, and we suspect we know where the cache had been.  Not sure it was there any longer.  Resigned to a no find, I would have finished that section of the cemetery rewalk, only, yep, it started raining again.  OK, time for lunch.

On the way to lunch we actually stopped to find one more cache (cause it has stopped raining, AGAIN!), it is down there, really:

Don't see it??  Man did.  He has a bit of a 6th sense about these things, and here it is:

I managed to dig out the log, sign it, and NOW we are off to lunch.

After lunch (which was nomma nomma good), Man found another cache to search for which was on the way home.  This is supposedly a drive by where you don't even have to get out of your vehicle.  OKKKKK. Well, it is in an old phone booth, but of course, cute, get it, drive by??  Ya.  Only, that old phone booth is the home of a rather healthy nest of  - - bees!  Man being a bit allergic to bee stings, and me, well, not stupid and surely a chicken, decided we did not need to claim that cache at all.

Next, we decide to try once more to find the cache we could not find when the grandtwins were with us, another cemetery one.  We rechecked the clues, ending up in the same place as we were on our first try, and Man really got into the piney (one of the clues was, "It's piney.)  In fact, the piney bit him, leaving a long bloody scratch.

And, another FAIL!!  And, enough, we won't try again.

But, that bottle cap cache, that made the FAILS a little more palatable.

OH, and it never rained another drip all day, after it chased us out of the cemetery, nary another drip.  Don't cha love Mother Nature??



Ginger Smith said...

I'm curious to know how the bottle cap was attached to the tube? That looks like a good one!

Karen said...

Some days, the luck just isn't there. But it sounds like it was a fun day anyway!

Joan said...

Sometimes a nomma nomma lunch is the best part of the day. Nomma Nomma Nomma