Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer's Last Hooray - - Planning a Day at Cedar Point.

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After an uneventful ride to the park, the picking of the campsite was a bit bumpy, but, we are in and settled.  We are parked backwards in the site, but that is what Man wanted, and at least we are not stepping out into some beautiful black dirt.  (Noting that I just cleaned Tana's light goldish colored carpet.  We had a great dinner cooked on the grill.

Then, the planning of tomorrow's visit to the park began:

Will it be???


Well, for me, NEITHER.  I will be the designated "holder of the stuff" and photo taker.  Sony is gonna need some help, I probably should review settings and where is that gorilla tripod??



Karen said...

Looks like a wonderful evening - so who is going on the rides? Man?

irisheyes jennifer said...

Hope you have a great day!!!! I'd be with you holding the stuff. Maybe they should let the fur kids decide on the plans. They look as though they would have some very good ideas. :):)


Dorene from Ohio said...

Terrific pictures! If you get a chance stop by the library!!

Joan said...

I have heard that you can get some great pictures from the whirly-gig!!

Carol said...

Dorene, I would have LOVED to stop by the library, but, we never unhooked, so I had no way to get out of the park. :-)