Sunday, August 19, 2012

SkyDrive, Oh, Yea, HUGE Improvement

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I have had a hotmail account for some time, years is some time, right??  I don't use it for email, I was looking at putting some files on SkyDrive for cloud storage.  I have been fussing with cloud storage since October of 2010.

Trouble is, I found it clunky.  And, because it was clunky, I did not enjoy the process, did not enjoy using it, so, of course, I did NOT.

Then, Microsoft redesigned, renamed, re did a lot of stuff.  It is now Outlook.  SkyDrive is still there, my files were still there.

So, I decided to have a second look at the cloud storage stuff.  It took me a few moments to find the link, they hid it under a drop down arrow thingy.  OK, some call it slick.  I suppose it is after you use it a few times.

I fuss a bit, I add a new folder, and then I discover how they meant it to work, how to quickly and I do mean QUICKLY up load files to the new folder.  HOT DIGGITY DOG!  With the two monitors, drag and drop works nicely.  VERY nicely.  And, I can drag multiple files at once by "selecting all" with Windows 7 Explore.

Once the files are at SkyDrive, I can even rearrange them a bit, and the process to do that is also slick and fast.

WOW, I just went from clunky to slick.  I actually think I will now use SkyDrive for storing some files in the cloud.

Well now, how's that for a win for the techy one who has more trouble with techy stuff than any one she knows.


* Disclaimer time, I use products named here, sometimes successfully, others, well, not so successfully.  None of the vendors or supplies have asked me to talk about their products, and they do not pay me anything to do so.  All those names, hotmail, SkyDrive, Outlook, Microsoft, Windows 7 (Explore), they are all owned, lock stock and barrel by the respective companies, yep, they own it all, copyright, everything.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Carol. You didn't get on with it first time round, but it sounds like you're finding it really useful now :-) Jo