Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Want Phone Service for $1.00 a Month!

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From the July 14, 1897 issue of the Michigan Messenger published at Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan:

"(from the Tecumseh Herald)  Negotiations are pending relative to the starting of an independent telephone line in Tecumseh same as in Adrian.  The rates for residences will be $1.00 and business houses $2.00 per month.  The corporation is to be known as the Tecumseh Phone Co. and will be composed largely of resident stockholders."

Later in the year we read in the paper of additional fees, although I will admit, I do not totally understand them, but, for the price stated, who cares??  This comes from the November 20, 1897 issue of the same paper:

"The new telephone line between Adrian & Tecumseh has been completed and the exchanges connected.  The exceptional rates of 10 cents will prevail."

Yessssmmmm, I want phone service with these kinds of rates!

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**Seems rather appropriate to publish this right now, considering the frustrations I am currently having with all things techy!


Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

No kidding! I just asked my mom what our phone service cost when I was a kid. (and I'm old enough, or we were/are rural enough, that we had crank phones and (I think) our call was a long and a short. Or a short and a long. Anyhow, we had local operators. I should blog about that. Might just do that. Not today! Stay cool while you are cemetery stomping!

Joan said...

One of my favorite pictures in the Klamath Museum is of the 1st public telephone. It was attached to the telephone pole on Main Street, no cubicle or anything -- just attached. The year was 1908 if I remember correctly.