Wednesday, July 27, 2011

THE Trip, Monument Valley Utah to Moab Utah

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(Note:  Yes, this is another graphics heavy post, as will be the one that follows.  Hope you can stick around.)

After just 3 nights stay and sadly some rain and weather not conducive to sightseeing, Man and I leave Monument Valley less than fulfilled, a bit let down.  This is such a beautiful place, spiritual, colorful, breathtaking.  Maybe some day we can return, we hope so.  If not, we do have the memories and the photos.

Our drive takes us about 150 miles, give or take from Monument Valley to Moab Utah via 163 north and 191 north.

It is sunny today, so we do get a second look at some of the sights from Monument Valley to Mexican Hat, sure looks better with a bit of sun and a lot less raindrops!  LOL

Little did we realize that this drive would take us past snow covered mountains, more rock and stone formations than you can believe exist, and that we would drive up to 7,260 feet, give or take a few.  Big Butt was working hard, pulling beautifully, and other than this little annoying code it threw in Man's face just south of Blanding all was well.  It turned out to be a sensor that needed cleaning, minor, but still concerning when you are running hard, totin' a slim and svelt (NOT) Tana on 6, 8 and 10% grades.

Here are a few of the views and sights we saw along the way:

Above: Look closely at this photo, do you see the building over to the right of the photo,
it is almost the same color as this rock, see it?? Ya, it looks small next to the rock,

Some of these formations rise 500 to 1000 feet or more from the desert floor.
Above, can you even begin to imagine how it must be to see this out your front or back door,
EVERY time you open it??  Or out your front or back windows?
I would just have to have a LOT of HUGE windows.

The views were outta this world stunning and amazing, I took over 275 photos, most of those at 50 to 60 MPH.  I barely put the camera down!  And, in the next post, I will bring you more of the beautiful scenery we saw from Monument Valley to Moab.

*Our drive from Monument Valley to Moab Utah was done on April 25, 2011


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Unbelievable rock formations! Your camera takes extremely good shots while you are moving. Yes, agree about the windows..heck, just make it a glass house with a roof!

Susan Clark (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Loved them all, but shivered a bit on the 8th. I still don't like those drop offs. The 7th one is beyond spectacular.

Chinatours said...

Well, indeed, I didn't notice the house on the former pic, but found the house in the next one, do you mean the house in the next pic? Greetings from China, by the way, cool pics, love them, love this site.

Carol said...

Chinatours, thanks for stopping by, I edited the post a bit, I try to remember to be clear on these sorts of things, but, mess up now and then, I will blame it on too many interruptions while I am working. LOL That's my story! HAHA