Monday, July 25, 2011

Re-Entry, Bout What We Expected

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Re-entry to the stick built hit about 3 this afternoon.  It has been an interesting day, which is what we expect, cept that some of the stuff that happened today, happened BEFORE Re-entry.

We left the campground and went about 5 minutes north to the Michigan state line, hit our road home, and before, long, ohhh, RATS!!  A detour.  Stinking thing was like 10 miles north and then another 7 miles south.  Man was not happy with this, as he was ready to go to the stick built NOW.  (I am never as ready as he is to return to the stick built, to me Tana IS home, wheels and all, but, I digress - - - - - )

SOOO, just about 1/4 mile from getting back on our route, something hits Tana's nose cone, kinda hard.  So, we found a place to pull off, and discover that something has splattered all over the front of Tana, ewwwwwwwww, yellow/green, icky stuff.  We really have NO idea what it was, thoughts of a bird entered our minds, but, no feathers, no, mmm, blood, etc.  I think it was a fruit or something growing on a tree that happened to hang low over the highway, and we just got lucky (sarcasm dripping here).  Whatever it was it began staining Tana's nose cone as well as the side almost immediately.  We were able to clean up the ickies right there on the side of the road.  It was hard to clean then, hate to think what it would have been like if it had been allowed to dry all the way back to the stick built.  EWWWW.  But, there is no damage to Tana's nose, so all is well.

About an hour later we decide we need a salad and stop at MickeyDees.  I scan the credit card on that little quick scan tool, NOT the regular pull it through reader.  Man has never used that quick scan thingy and wanted to see it in action.  Before I could hand him back his card, the gal taking our order grabbed the card and ran it through that other scanner thingy.  MMMM, she works there and did not know about the quick scan.  SIGHHH  Gonna watch for a double charge on that meal.

I ordered a salad with Ranch dressing and for some reason the gal that made it drenched it in some orange something or other.  They actually realized their error and came and asked me if I wanted a new one (DUH???) before I had a chance to taste it.

We ran out of propane in the last 2 days, so, Man wants to fill the tank before we get back to the stick built, just so he does not have to tote the tank to town and fuss with it.  So, he finds a business, stops, and well, he did not get his propane.  The gal did not zero out the equipment, she refused to bleed off the tank and said, I DON'T DO IT THAT WAY, not once, but twice, and then, stopped filling the tank and said, I won't charge you for what you got, but, I am NOT filling it, at which point she turned and walked into the office.  WOW, that was a first!

What we found when we got home was about what we expected, and in some respects, so far, BETTER than we had hoped for.

Flat tire on car, knew bout it, probably will need a new tire.  Batteries on vehicles somewhat depleted, hey, they were fully charged only 8.5 months ago!  LOL  Mice were under hood of one vehicle, even tho we left deterrents around.  Mice have done a lot of damage to vehicles left here over the years, they love to eat the electrical wiring. SIGHHH  After Man charges the battery we shall see what else we have to deal with.

Weeds in flower beds, not quite as bad as I had feared.  WAHOOOO.  Lost a few plants, not surprised there either.  Yard is dried, but, basically cut, and looking good!  Lots of limbs down, laying in yard, we are guessing they had a bit of a storm just recently as we also found a huge double willow tree down at the pond's edge.  Hey, it missed my bench down there and Man wanted that tree outta there, so, it is ok.  It is still VERY green, barely wilted, so it is a recent fall.  The bridge is in good shape, no trees have fallen in that area.  See me grin!

The water has been turned on, and so far, no leaks, toilets and faucets all functioning.  Running a load of water thru the washer right now, dishwasher (gee, what is that thing, a dishwasher???  wow!) is next.  The air conditioner started right up and seems to be functioning just fine, mucho cooler in here already.

No mice in the house that we have found so far, and that is the best news yet!   LOL  The year we came back to fat, really fat, diabetic mice was a very bad year!  EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

And, the air card is working here, a bit slow, but, I am used to that.  If I am ON the net, I am pretty much happy.  Even happier if I STAY on!

So, all in all, so far, it is about what we expected.  And, now, I have to go bring in some of the food, and COFFEE for the morning, a gal has to have her coffee!

* Must be we are on the cusp of a new moon?  Such a weird day.  Hmmm???  Sure not in Kansas any more - -  Dorothy, errr, Carol!   LOL  Ohhh,  we never were in Kansas this trip, well, maybe that is the issue!


Barbara Poole said...

Sounds like a pretty good report to me. And, did you really think you would have smooth sailing your last 200 miles? Welcome home. Now, when is your next trip?

Greta Koehl said...

Plenty of minor ickies and bumps, but so far no major ones - pretty good windup to The Trip, it sounds like.

Myrna said...

Welcome home.. enjoy those luxuries. Refrigerator with huge freezer, large washer & dryer and the dishwasher. Now is your time to catch up with everything. Looking forward to the rest of the trip in Reflections.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Awesome post Carol! My trip was so short and I was not happy to be back but maybe you feel different after being gone so long! Always hate the unpacking part myself!