Saturday, July 9, 2011

THE Trip, Camp Verde Arizona to THE Grand Canyon Arizona

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Our trip today was about 136 miles.  We left Camp Verde, jumped right back on to I 17 and headed north to Flagstaff.  UP, UP and more UP!!  We climbed about 3500 feet in those 50 or so miles.  We climbed those 3500 feet,

VERY VERY S---L---O---W---L---Y.  

Thank you Big Butt, well done!!

At Flagstaff we jumped on I 40 and headed west to Williams.  At Williams you take 64 due north to the Grand Canyon National Park (all my references to the park are specifically about the South Rim, as we did not have the opportunity to visit the North Rim, in fact, the entire North Rim was still closed to visitors in April).

We stayed 3 nights just outside the Grand Canyon National Park in Tusayan.  The campground is the last business before you hit the park, 1 mile drive to the gate.   The roads in the campground are gravel, the sites are not particularly level, we only have 30 AMP service and water.  It is handy, it is a bit pricy, the staff we encountered were pleasant.  Upon departure we discover that the dump, is, well, the WORST!  We have  rated it in our top 10 worst in all the years we have been doing this (a LOT of years).  But, when you travel by the seat of your pants, plans written in dust, you are pretty happy finding a place to rest your bones and park Tana.  The national park has 3 campgrounds on the south rim, 1 was closed, and the other 2 were basically full and will be for the next 6 to 9 months, reservations need to be made months in advance.  That is too much like living on a schedule, so, on this trip for this gang, that just does not work.  So, the campground in Tusayan worked out pretty nice, cept that dump thing, ewwwwwww.

Hey, who needs a resort, we have the GRAND CANYON nearby!

We will stay here 3 nights, and then move on into Utah.  We arrived here early enough in the day that we were able to go on up to the park for a few hours, stop at the Visitor's Center and the rim for a while.  Lots of people, this is vacation week for a lot of school kids, and it is also "free" week, no entry fee charged at all.  Normal entry fee, $25.00 per car for 7 days.  Oh, your "senior" pass will get you in for free if you are 62 and have that blessed little piece of plastic!   Yes, we have that pass.  Yes, we do!

In just those couple of hours, I managed to take almost 100 photos.  I'll spare you (until tomorrow, LOL).  The following day I took almost 250 photos and the third day I took almost 340 photos.  It is going to be quite the chore choosing and editing from that collection!  Do you see a slide show in the near future here at Reflections??  Probably several slide shows.

Stay tuned - -


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