Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rally On

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Recently while Man and I were in the Black Hills of South Dakota, one of our MOC friends, Mina, decided since there were quite a number of MOC members in the area all at the same time, it was time for a Rally.  Sorta a Rally, more like a luncheon meetup.  We met at the Gaslight (just outside of Rapid City).  As always it was great to meet up with fellow MOC and Montana Owners.  And, as always, the food and the discussions were great.  Thanks Mina for organizing that luncheon.

We are now in Greenwood Nebraska, at, yep, another Rally.  This is the Central Plains Rally.  We have 10 units here plus we are working on recruiting another couple that just happened to stop here for a couple of nights!  How fun is that???

Last night was the Meet and Greet, which meant, of course, FOOD!  I'll only show ya one photo, but, mmm, num, num, doesn't it look good??

Here is one of our fearless wagon masters, greeting us, and some of the other MOCers, getting greeted?  Well, you get the drift!  LOL  You will note that no one is paying our fearless wagon master one bit of attention.

And, the building was air conditioned!  WAHHOOOOO.  It is currently about 90ish, and no, I don't know the heat index, and NO, I don't wanna know the heat index.  It is HOT.

Well, I have been hiding all day in Tana, working on blogs and photos and computer stuff, reading a few blogs, hanging out in Facebook and Google + and now, I am gonna try to go see if anyone is hanging out for Happy Hour, water only for this MOCer tonight, hydrate in the heat folks!!

*Will try to get some other photos posted, if not here, will provide the link.

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