Friday, July 8, 2011

THE Trip, Palatki Heritage Site, The Pictographs

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(This post is graphics heavy.  I did not feel a slide show would display the pictographs in the best way.  Hope you will stick around and enjoy the ancient drawings.  Very little editing was done to these photos, just a bit of brightness adjustment and contrast.)

These were some of the pictographs I photographed at the Palatki Heritage Site near Sedona Arizona.  The paintings are not bold or outstanding, you might have to look hard to see some of them.  That is how it was to be there, we had to look hard to see some, others were a bit more obvious.  Some photos are the result of considerable zooming with the Sony, some of these drawings were up rather high or we were not allowed very close.  The study of pictographs is fascinating, the stories behind each of these drawings very interesting. Sadly, I cannot repeat them here for you, I wish I could have recorded the stories, but alas, that did not happen.

Enjoy the art of the ancient ones:

* While processing these photos for the blog I did play with the digital editing program some, because I find it fascinating to see what the program will do.  Usually, I start with auto correct, some corrections are right on and beautiful, some give me fabulous surprises, some give me deplorable results, but all are fascinating.  Here is one of the pictographs in which I applied only the "auto correct" feature.  The color is in no way true, but lookie what pops out.  Note, the disclaimer, this does not represent the colors I saw with my naked eye.

*  We visited the Palatki Heritage Site on April 17, 2011.


Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thank you for sharing the neat photo's! I bet the stories that go along with each were fascinating!

Hummer said...

Excellent shots. The pictographs fascinate me. Both the way they are done, and the question for whom were they done.

Anonymous said...

My "other half/better half" visits Sedona regularly and loves the "spiritual feel" of it, but I'm not keen on flying from Scotland (hate flying) but your photos are tempting me...