Monday, July 25, 2011

THE Trip, Monument Valley Utah to Moab Utah, The Rest of the Drive

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Last time I brought you lots of photos of our ride from Monument Valley to Moab Utah.  Stunning scenery, too much to fit into one post and I was not in the mood to do a slide show!   LOL

So, lets continue the drive.  As always we are in awe of the colors, the shapes, the textures, the size, the combinations of all these.  The ever changing formations keep us exclaiming, OHHHH MYYYY!

Below:  Snow in them there mountains, and you cannot even see the top of the mountain to the left of the photo.

Below, layers of rock in different colors and textures and this over all shape, outstanding.  That little entrance looking "hole" would have been fun to explore, don't you think??  It boggles the imagination.

Below, a "window", the first we will see in the Moab area, but, not the last.  Look closely, there are people walking around on the rocks, they sure look small, that is how large this formation is.

We had snagged 4 nights in a campground on the north side of Moab, and then we were able to snag another campsite just south of town for another week.  We needed all of that time to just skim the top of what the area had to offer.  I'll bring you some of these fabulous 11 days and nights in the next group of posts.

* We drove to and arrived in Moab on April 25, 2011.


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Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Clapping and eager to see all that we missed in our abbreviated visit.