Saturday, July 2, 2011

THE Trip, Haynes Arizona, Gold Mine Ghost Town

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(Warning, this post is graphics heavy, hope you can stick around and enjoy it tho.)

While staying in the Camp Verde Arizona area we made three trips up to Jerome Arizona. One day during our visit to Jerome, we also visited Haynes, just a mile or so north of Jerome. Haynes is a gold mine ghost town.  Since it is no longer a gold mine, it is now the home of a very eclectic collection of the owner.  Let me tell you, this dude has some collection.  This is Man heaven, tools, trucks, more tools, old tools, old trucks, and more of each, toss in a little gold mine history and artifacts, and you have Haynes.

We were greeted at the door by these chickens.  There were more chickens and chicks too, and I spent considerable time photographing them.  I admit it, I got a bit bored with the Man toys, but the chickens and burrow and goat entertained me for a few minutes.  You can find more chicken photos on Flora and Fauna, and the burrow and goat made an appearance over there as well.

After you pay a nominal fee of about $5.00 each, you can wander around looking, peaking into buildings.  There is some organization here, but there are also artifacts here and there.  I'll bet Man got what appeared to be random placement of those artifacts,  Carol didn't quite!  LOL

There were lots of old trucks, with one very special one down there I will share with you here at Reflections very soon.

I did take a fancy to this wall of old advertising:

Man liked this display, but, of course, oil!  LOL  (Sorry about the reflection of me in the glass, sometimes ya just gotta get the photographer in there some how, some way!  LOL)

Below, what appears to be a cabin, with stove and table, cradle, storage units on the wall, all old.  I was pretty good with this display till I noted the ShopVac in the lower left corner, somehow it just does not seem to fit - -  what do you think?

Did find the hanging chain saws interesting:

This is part of the gold mine display, the entrance to one of the old abandoned mines.

The warning sign.  I know, the quality is poor at best, but, I got curious as to what it said, so, with a little photo editing magic:

MMMM, not a problem, I really have no interest in sightseeing in here, do you?

So, if you ever find yourself in Jerome Arizona, do take the time to drive up to Haynes.  It is quite amazing, and if the tools and trucks and Man toys don't interest you, the fauna might!

* We visited Haynes on April 15, 2011.


Barbara Poole said...

I wonder where the other tourists were, must have been you two and the chickens. I found this quite interesting, but the beautiful lake spoils the picture (kidding).

Greta Koehl said...

Oh, wow, this is American Pickers country. If my Dad had known about this place, he would have been all over it. My favorite is the hanging chainsaws.