Friday, June 10, 2011

THE Trip, Red Rock Lunch N' Arts

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A gal and her Man just have to have lunch, and sometimes that means a fast food joint, and sometimes it means, linens, wine, delish food, presented with class, some soft background music, maybe sitting on the patio of some delightfully upscale eatery.

One of our day trips to Sedona included a stop at Tlaquepaque, where we indeed found a lovely place to have lunch.  After our leisurely meal we wandered around the entire "town".  The place was loaded with art, sculpture, flowers, plants.  What a delightful way to spend an hour or so.  Here is a slide show of some of the beautiful and unusual artwork.


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Becky said...

The pictures are great! Love the slide show - may have to try that myself sometime. Need to figure out how first though! All it takes is time...