Monday, June 13, 2011

Comments, Months Later, Healing Moments

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Not all comments on your blogs come immediately.  Lately I have had at least 3 comments written on older posts, one post was posted back in December of 2009!

First some Civil War buffs found my series on Alfred Darden, as I reported here, at Alfred and the Experts.   Be sure to read the comments at, Alfred Darden, Civil War Solider Mystery, Sometimes Ya Just Cannot Let it Go, New Discoveries.  These comments have been very valuable to me, helping to answer outstanding questions for me.  Thanks to all that participated.

Next, on June 6, 2011 I received this very touching message on my post, Tombstone Tuesday, Dave Muth.

"Dave was my first cousin, and it was my Dad that brought him out to Phoenix from Pennsylvania. He lived with us during college breaks in the 70s, but after my dad passed away 16 years ago we'd mostly lost touch and had not heard from him for several years. We only found out yesterday about his passing... I ran across this page on a Google search. Still a little stunned... but a lovely memorial, and a nice picture. Thanks."

Thank you Dave.  I am touched by your contact, am sorry for your loss, am humbled that the memorial touched you enough that you wrote.

And, on June 12, 2011 I received this lovely message from Anonymous on a post from December 2009, Tombstone Tuesday, Confederate Rest Cemetery, Point Clear, Baldwin County, Alabama.

"Members of my mother's family have searched over the years to learn the burial place of their great grandfather, who was wounded during the Civil War, died and was buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Alabama.

Your Reflections give confirmation and insight into what they had been told, although no individual record exists for him still.

The pictures posted are both touching and beautiful.  Thanks."

Again, thanks Anonymous for writing, for letting me know that my post may have helped, even a little, in your family's search for the burial place and understanding.  Researchers tend to call this a brick wall, but we both know it is more like a wound in our soul that just will not heal.

These comments coming months after the original post appeared have touched me, made my efforts worthwhile. Blogging, Google searches and the internet can be powerful tools, and maybe healers as well.



IrishEyesJG said...

Beautiful sentiments Carol, and how wonderful to know that even after you've put a blog post 'to bed', so to speak, it can have a profound effect on others. Makes us realize how small our world really is, and how much we share as human beings.

Cheers to you,

pugbug said...

Best comments ever! Bravo!

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

It is the comments that come in months - maybe even years later - that are the great gifts of blogging. I hadn't thought about the idea that our posts were gifts, as well. Lovely idea, Carol.

Greta Koehl said...

Those comments on old posts are wonderful! I think it's because the people making the comments had to be searching for something to bring up the old posts.

Lori E said...

Of course we have to enable email notification of comments on our blogs or we might miss those comments altogether.
How nice to have such special comments.