Friday, June 17, 2011

THE Trip, Strange Things We See Along The Way

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

At first glance you are probably wondering why I find this photo so fascinating.  Obviously a RV, that gets me looking to begin with.  And a triple axle at that, we always look at those with more than 2 axles, they are usually heavy, large, toy haulers, interesting (well to Man and I they are interesting).

But, with the magic of cropping, where I get to direct your attention to what caught our attention:

Close inspection will show that both the front tires are totally off the ground, you can really see it on that tire on what is the back side or the driver's side of the rig.  See, AIR!!

You might also note that his tail end is just about touching the ground, there is a spare tire back there, hanging under the unit, can't tell if it is dragging on the pavement, but, I can tell you it was mighty close to dragging.

Yes, the owner realized his situation, at least enough that he backed out of this fueling station.

Just one of the few things we see along the road that make us shake our heads and ask, "What were you thinking?"  (He was probably thinking I need fuel so badly I have to get some, no matter what it takes to do so!")



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Well...speaking of strange things you see while traveling...Remember my scare on Monteagle? Well, right after we checked our tires and pulled out of the truck stop we passed this rig and Mike says "Look, there's Tana and Big Butt!" (He has seen your rig many times on your blog as I am reading it.) Sure enough, nearly identical. If I hadn't known you were in Utah at the time......LOL!

Carol said...

Lisa, that is a total hoot! LOL Love it, thanks for sharing!