Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE Trip, Driving Oak Creek Canyon

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Route 89 north from Sedona goes almost to Flagstaff, it is a 2 lane highway, twisty, curvy, scenic.  Driving at speeds ranging from 15 to 55 and taking photos through the windshield and side windows of Big Butt do not make for the best conditions.  There are times when there is a lot of glare, and mmm, sometimes, a bug or two on the windshield to try to shoot around.  These four photos are just a touch of the flavor, and really don't do justice to the road conditions along 89 north.  Note narrow, rock debris near the road, huge towering walls of stone, curves, guardrails close by.  If driving a smaller vehicle, this would just be a grand fun drive, however, driving Big Butt along roads like this always adds a bit of "thrill" to the experience.

We did see a few trailers, short trailers, being hauled up and down this road, but, we were happy to left Tana back at the campground!  LOL  Near the top, the road became more and more curvy, hairpin turns, slow hair pin turns.

It was a beautiful ride!  Yes, I still have another post or two about our day trip to Sedona and beyond.  Next, the scenery along the way, more red rock and less road!  LOL

* Weeks later driving around Bryce Canyon and beyond, made this look like a cake walk or a warm up!  LOL


LindaRe said...

Breathe taking scenery! I am enjoying the ride.

Joan said...

gorgeous --- and those really look like great roads --- would love to take you to the top of the Steen Mts. --LOL