Saturday, June 25, 2011

THE Trip, Oak Creek Canyon, The Signs, The Silliness

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Hailing from the midwest, the flat midwest, I find the signs west of I 35 to be fascinating, and yes, I have started taking photographs of them too.  Nothing is sacred, nothing escapes - -

I also have been known to take a photo of the GPS on the altitude screen, the dash board when we are going very slowly or getting outlandish fuel mileage and even the temperature in the rear view mirror.  The camera remembers what I don't.

Here are a few signs from the Oak Creek Canyon tour - -

Above, maybe in the UP of Michigan, but, not where I live!
Coming soon, a hairpin turn near you!
It says 53, it felt like 43, and back home at Tana, it was 73.  Love that mountainous terrain!
Elevation 6997, just as we got back on I 17 to head back to Camp Verde.
Yep, that is wet stuff on the windshield, it was actually snow/sleet.
Lasted all of about 1 minute!
And, we draw your attention to the Inst Econ, of 99 MGP!
Oh, we were going downhill for a change!
Still, how fun is that, wish we could get that all the time!  LOL
OK, enough of the silly, next we will visit Fort Verde Historical State Park, Man will learn some interesting facts about his father's World War II service.  They made a great impression on him.


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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Ha ha! That was fun! Love the 99 MPG! We got an average of 8 MPG the whole trip towing a car. Highest gas prices were $4.15 in Indiana. Sigh! I hear they are coming down now. Nice.