Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lunch, Yes, Researchers, err Bloggers, Stop for Lunch

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The You Go Genealogy Girls, Cheri and Ruby, and Becky of Kinexxions and I had lunch today.  Yep, we stopped researching and went to lunch.  We strolled through part of the Temple Square gardens and had a great meal at Blue Lemon.

It was a bit noisy in there when we first arrived, but after we had finished our meal most of the other patrons were done and gone and we had a nice visit.  OK, we told some stories, not saying if they are lies, and some of them will never be repeated, Becky and I were sworn to secrecy!

We had a long, long walk back to the library because we were all ooohing and ahhhhing over the flowers, especially the iris which are in full bloom. OHHHH my, the colors, the size, they are breathtaking.  They had purple and yellow and light orange and even pure white iris.  Many photos were taken by all.  Something about genie researchers, so many of us also love photography and flowers.  We have so much in common!  LOL

It was a wonderful lunch and flower/photo op break. I enjoyed getting to know Cheri and Ruby better, and oh, by the way, Ruby and I discovered the other afternoon that we are distant cousins via Obadiah Bowen and his wife Mary Clifton.  How fun is that??

Yes, even genie researchers/bloggers stop researching and enjoy lunch.  It revives us, so we are ready to go back and dig out some more ancestors after the break.  And, I did!  Dig some out!  I was doing the happy dance at the end of the day, and Becky took a photo, I'll just bet she'll post it!  LOL


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Amy Coffin said...

Blue Lemon is a great place for genealogy meet ups.

Those are gorgeous flowers!