Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ya, I Had to Go Have a Lookie See

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OK, I'll admit it, I had a small vainglory, err curiosity attack, had to go have a lookie see at one of the books I compiled and donated to the Family History Center here in Salt Lake City.  I was a bit distressed however to find they had destroyed the front cover, which had lovely photos on it, but, somehow maintained the back cover.  SIGHHH.  Attack over, I moved on.

*And, nope, that book next to it, I cannot connect to that Gehrke family.

** Post Script:  I had reason to go pull the book again, I needed a graphic I don't have on my computer any longer, for reference.  I found the cover, about 4 or 5 pages in, they bound it out of order.  (Shrugging my shoulders, but, glad it is still there.)

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Lori E said...

I offered to leave a copy of our tree with a nearby library archives as they had some other copies of individuals research and they said no thanks because they are on the second floor and they are getting too heavy and can't add any more weight.
I took a quick look around to see if any more fat people were coming upstairs because if so I was getting my fat rear the heck out of there.