Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becky, Pure Happy Dancin'

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Becky has been researching hard, VERY hard, and, the other day, she had a HUGE breakthrough.  I grabbed the camera cause she was laughing and crying and giving little screeches of pure delight.  She tells me it had been years since she had been able to add another generation of ancestors to her data base.  She more than earned her little screeches!

I know this photo is out of focus, and grainy, I shot at first with no flash, and caught the raw emotion here, so, just had to share, even a crummy photo tells it all, eh??

I decided, oh, the heck with it, on with the flash, by that time she was ALL smiles!!

And, that my genie friends is the face of a truly elated family researcher!

Becky will be heading outta here in the next day or so.  Gonna miss my researchin' buddy.  We had a lot of laughs, helped each other with names, research hints and together, we pretty much mastered all this new scanning technology.  We had great fun taking photos around Salt Lake City and shared some pretty good eats!

Safe rides Becky, and good luck transcribing ALL those pages of probates and estates and deeds!



IrishEyesJG said...

Yaayyyyyyyy Becky!

The smile in that first photo says it all. Congratulations.

How great to have a research buddy Carol, and hope to see that same look on your face.

Cheers to you both,

S. Lincecum said...

BOTH of those images are priceless! Yes, the elated emotion comes through loud and clear. I found myself beaming for her as I read along. Yay, Becky!

Becky said...

Thanks Carol. I'll miss researching with you and sharing our finds. Had a great time. I'm positive this first experience at FHL was more enjoyable because it was shared with you! Thank You (and Man) for everything...

Michelle Goodrum said...

You know what they say - PRICELESS! I suspect she will treasure that picture and remember those moments for a looooong time.

Greta Koehl said...


Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

What a joy for both of you to have a buddy to share this experience with! And priceless IS the word for those pix.