Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soundex?? Remember Soundex??

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Remember Soundex??  When was the last time you had to use it??

Do you even know what Soundex is??  Here is a Wikipedia article.

We used to use Soundex so much that Rootsweb even came up with a converter, remember??

I honestly have to say, it has been so long since I needed to use Soundex that I did not recognize it while doing some research in Washington state birth records index.  Well, not right away anyway.  I sat at the film reader trying to figure out the game plan for this massive set of records for a few minutes, ok, a lot of minutes.

The organization methods didn't seem to be making any sense, Lexxx, Lixxx, Laxxx, I am thinking, Carol you really really need more coffee! This is just not making sense, wondering, can they infuse that caffeine directly into my veins??

Then, all of a sudden my old researching tricks (wanted to say skills, but, not sure I have skills anymore, so, lets just say tricks) came back in a blast from the past.  

SOUNDEX, that is how this is organized.  Well, WOWSERS!!  See:
Remember Soundex??  It was a pretty simple but effective indexer, when the indexer could read the handwriting!  LOL

"L 216" (the L does not show in this graphic, which does not show the full amount of information contained in the index), the Soundex for Lashbrook, and lookie see, I found a few!

It all works when you know the game plan!

Next challenge wii be finding these records on the records film.  Gotta say, I am really glad I remembered what Soundex was!  LOL

Remember Soundex?  When was the last time you used it??



Barbara Poole said...

Soundex, it was the way to go, and I used it often until the names were indexed and census records came online. Using Soundex made you feel as though you were really doing research!

PalmsRV said...

Posted a blog about it basically for people who weren't researching when Soundex was the thing to do!



Judy said...

Lord Carol,you do bring back memories. Before there were all the clever search engines we have now Soundex was a huge help.

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

Sure do remember it. I used it back when I first started researching in 1994. I still have my first family file folder that I made when I started researching and it has Blanton (B453) written on the tab. LOL. I still use Soundex search on Ancestry, but the search engine knows the code now and I don't have to remember it.

Greta Koehl said...

Uh, I used it today. I have recently received new information on some of my husband's German families, and they have so many alternate spellings (today was Sharer for Scherer) that Soundex really helps. But I sometimes forget it, too.