Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Overheard in the Library? A Different Kind of Happy Dancin'

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence (and for my high school gal friend, read on and you will see why!)

My bestest gal friend from high school has been following my trip and my posts about Salt Lake City, the research mecca.  I was able to meet up with her during our stay in Gold Canyon, we had two wonderful long visits, full of memories, catching up, laughter and friendship.  Oh, and she is a family researcher too, so you know we were telling research war stories to each other!  LOL!  She contacted me the other evening and was telling me about some of the phrases she had been reading on my blog while I have been here researching and how one night she thought up several more.  What follows is mostly her genie-imagination at work, ya, she did give me permission to post. LOL!

"Ok here goes. Imagine the morning of the first day of your research at FSL. You got up early had a rushed breakfast and made it to Salt Lake City in no time. You are standing at the front doors of the Library waiting for the doors to open. Oh and with a big smile on your face because you can't wait to get in there and do some great research. Here's the words I came up with that Genie's would use."

"Oh my God, Well it's about time! My eyes are sore. Geeze! Well for heaven sakes. There you are, you dirty bugger! I just can't believe it! I should have known! I just had that feeling! Wahooo! Oh no you didn't. My fanny is tired. I'll Swannie( southern expression). I'll be darn ( Northern )." 

"These things are uttered throughout the day. Then as you go through those doors to the bright light you give a big sigh. Put that to music and we would have a hit for Us Genie's."

Then high school gal friend suggests:

"Maybe a rapper?"

Now, Reflections has never developed an appreciation of rapper music, but, even I see the brilliance of this choice of music, and OK, I was rolling around on Tana's floor laughing so hard I could hardly respond, then high school gal friend comes up with:

"We could have someone roll films from the microfilm machine in the back ground, along with someone closing and opening file drawers! A rapper with the click sound of the film rewinding, and the film drawers rolling closed and opened. Maybe scraping of chairs on tile floors, and the sound of heavy Genie books put down on a table."

I think I see a video in my gal friend's future - - with rapper delivery - - and those library sounds in the background.  Gives a brand new slant on the term, "happy dancing".

* Minor punctuation editing done by Reflections!

** Graphic courtesy of horton-szar.net/


Sheri said...

OMG this is too funny!! I would be happy to be a background dancer in the video - I am a pro when it comes to slamming drawers closed!

TennLady said...

Can't wait to see the music video

Greta Koehl said...

This would be a great YouTube hit. Love the idea of the sound of slamming drawers and microfilm flipping to a rap rhythm.