Friday, March 4, 2011

THE Trip, Lutes Casino, Yuma, Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After we pulled into Yuma, I emailed friend and cemetery stomping buddy Mary.  She spent a few winters in Yuma, so, I asked her, name 3 must 'sees' in Yuma.  She gave me the names, and tossed in a couple of eateries as well.  One of the must do places to eat she said, was Lutes Casino.  So, off we went.  Gotta say, the potato rolled tacos were to die for, and the interior was packed full with "stuff", some of it even hanging off the ceiling.

See, stuff, different kinds of stuff, hanging from the ceiling.

Walls are covered with photos. No, Man's hat is not joining the collection,
and no "hat's off to you either".  I just happened to catch him taking it off!  LOL

There was even entertainment.    The "blurry" ladies are kinda an
interesting effect, wasn't going for that either, but, things were
moving rather fast around there, and I was happy to catch the
piano player as people scurried here and there.

See, I told you those potato rolled tacos were something else.
For the main event, I had a fat free (ya, RIGHT!!!) double cheeseburger.  Man had a specialty of the house, a hamburger and a hot dog served on a hamburger bun.  He said it was pretty good!

Thanks Mary for the suggestion, Lutes Casino was a lot of fun!  And, we got our bellies full too!


Mary said...

From another Mary - check out the Peanut Patch at 4322 E County 13th St. We visit Yuma often (our son lives there)...can't think of anything else interesting to do tho :)

Nita said...

Lutes Casino was a hoot! Really neat pictures, too!