Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday, Boot Hill Hearse, The Black Moriah

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Tucked deep in a corner of the Bird Cage Theatre (Museum) in Tombstone Arizona I found the "Black Moriah."

The signage stated:

Tombstone’s Original Boothill Hearse

Owned by Watt & Tarbell Undertaking Parlor of Tombstone. Used from 1881 - 1917, with the exception of six people, it buried everyone in Boothill Cemetery. It was built by Cunningham Bros. of Rochester, NY. for $8,000 new in 1881. There were only 8 of these models built that year, it is the only one left of the original 8. The trim on the hearse is all sterling silver & 24 carat gold leaf. The curved glass is the first ever manufactured on a vehicle. Its value today is over ten times its original cost.

* Getting any photo was difficult, the lighting was poor and the building was full of treasures, I wish I had a better photo.

** I have not done any research to verify the facts stated on the signage, if there are errors, the blame rests elsewhere.


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