Saturday, March 19, 2011

THE Trip, Waldo's BBQ

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After we settled in at the Arizonian, our home for a month, Bob and Mina (MOC friends) took us for a little get acquainted ride, pointing out some of the local mountains, eateries, grocery stores, the grand tour.  Hey, we could get used to being spoiled like this, send in the friends to scout out the area first, and when we arrive, they haul us around.  Yea, nice deal when you can arrange it!  LOL  Seriously, tho, isn't that really nice??  And, fun too.

They took us to Waldo's BBQ,  a "ya gotta do this" stop.

Now, you know a fun place like Waldo's is gonna have folk art and of course, lots 'o pigs, see:

Nope, not gonna ride a pony here kiddos,
you are gonna ride a bronkin' pig!
This lovely pink piglet (look at those eyelashes will ya!)
sits out by the road blinking at you, flirting, teasing, saying
"pleaaseee come in and - - - stay a while."
And, who said pigs don't fly??
And, the gift shop next to the "original" Waldo's in Mesa, is way better than the normal tourist trap shop.  They had some really nice stuff there, and yea, they got into our pockets a little bit, a bracelet for Carol and some surprises for the grandtwins.  I did not purchase these darling folk art garden kids tho, they stood about 3 to 4 feet tall.

Thanks to Bob and Mina, we had good eats, took in some fun folk art, and dropped a little $$.  Welcome to Gold Canyon Arizona!

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Michelle Goodrum said...

Waldo's is yummy. We used to take the kids there for something different. Thanks for the reminder.