Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Trip, Bob and the Gallows, Goldfield Arizona

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Some of my readers may remember this photo, from Pioneertown California, where Bob got, well, in a bit of trouble and ended up in this jail.

We managed to spring him, and he behaved, for a while. But, when we all met up again in Gold Canyon and visited Goldfield, he got himself in even deeper doo doo.  Geesh dude, what are we gonna do with ya??

Here is what the local authorities at Goldfield did - -

MMM, looking serious there Bob - - 
Bob, asking, aghast, "Seriously, you have me up here for WHAT?"
We are happy to report that Bob is just fine, thank you.  He did donate a dollar to some cause for the opportunity of "gettin' hung" at Goldfield Arizona.

Some time later, down at the ice cream shop (YUM!!!) there was Bob again - -

NOOO, but, look at this painting on the wall of the ice cream shop, looks a whole lot like our HoboBob to me!

Yes, it was all in fun and jest, ya just can't ever stop having fun!


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Grandma MG said...

The HoboBob family would like verify that no Hobos were harmed in this incident! Mr. HoboBob is as ornery as ever & alive & well (as can be)! Thank you Carol! It was fun & you made it more fun with your story telling!