Wednesday, March 30, 2011

THE Trip, Goldfield Arizona, a Ghost Town

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Not far from our park in Gold Canyon is Goldfield Arizona.  It is touted as a ghost town, an old gold mining town.   Even though it appears old, most of the buildings are reproductions as, well, time took it's toll on the original buildings.  We were told there were some fires along the way that also took out hunks of the town.

Our first order of the day was lunch, the weather was rather pleasant, so, we ate on the patio of the Mammoth Steakhouse.  We enjoyed the view of the Superstition Mountains, Bob and Mina's company, and the food.

A view of Superstition Mountains as a reflection in the window
of the Mammoth Steakhouse.
Behind and beside the Steakhouse, sits the town.  There is a wind mill, a church, jail, gallows (which Bob would have a first hand, err, neck, experience with - photos to follow).  There are a number of stores (gotta have the touristy trap grab your $$ stores of course, which can be fun if they have something different).  There is a bordello, but of course.
The bordello, in the rooms above.
The jail, there will be trouble in a bit over that
green box full of GOLD they are supposed to
be guarding.
I even spied (and enjoyed the music) this street entertainer, dressed to fit the time and the part.

As in Tombstone, there is hokey history, the story of gold, with a gun fight, but of course!

See, there is that green box of GOLD again, and see,
there is trouble!

They seem to have the sheriff cornered in the jail house.
That is dynamite he is tossing into the jail.
After a bunch of gun shooting and fake killing and such, our little show was over.  Hokey, but fun.

There is also a gold mine (additional $$), which we did not partake of.  We were enjoying the abundant sunshine, warm temps, good friends, some shopping and just wandering around Goldfield.  What a great day!



lindalee said...

I would have loved it too! I am looking forward to these scenes and the warm weather when we visit Arizona in May.

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Love those mountains...