Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Trip, The Smartest Phone in the World

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As some of you know, last fall before we left on THE Trip, I upgraded (?????) to a Smart phone.  I have been saying for some time, it is smarter than I.  However, in the last week or so, I have felt I was making progress, finding a few tricks, especially on the Facebook app on the phone.  Little did I know, the phone was going to show me it had a few tricks of it's own up it's cordless wifi handsfree sleeve - -

The other day, Man and I along with friends Mina and Bob decided to do a day trip to the Roosevelt Dam area, about 67 miles one way, and see what there was to see.  Other MOC (Montana Owners Club) friends had spent some time there, and were bragging on it over at Facebook.  We wanted to see for ourselves.

It was a fun trip, which will eventually show up here on Reflections, with hopefully some photos.

Now, you have to know that cell service over there was a tad spotty, at best.  At some point I discovered the phone had turned on, and had taken a black photo and published it on Facebook. I was going to remove it, but, then, found the comments.

I had no time right then to respond, I just kept on sightseeing.  Every hour or so, IF, I found I had connectivity, I would check my Facebook page, only to find more comments on my, err, the phone's, black photo post.

Left - the black photo.

My friends were having some fun of their own commenting on the photo of black.  Every hour, a new comment, the smiles were growing in Big Butt's back seat, Mina and I were enjoying the updates.

The comments got funnier and funnier, and by the time Nita posted her "you fell" comment Mina and I were laughing so hard we were crying.

Here are the comments, names removed, cept you know about Nita's and Mina's, so I left their names!  LOL

Nita:  ????

Ms. L:   It must be really dark there. :)

Mr. J:   Dark humor!

Mr. R:   You let Man upload from his camera?

Mr. R (again):   ‎....oooohhh...the dogs took the picture!

Mina (who had service for like 5 minutes, and managed to sneak this in):     Shhh.... Secret!!!

Nita (here it comes, the comment that had Mina and I hysterical, which, by the way, our dudes just could not figure out, they failed to see the humor):    You fell and you can't get up!

The comments continued, I was busy sightseeing and shooting photos, LOTS and LOTS of photos (but of course).  Really, truly, I could not connect, I had tried to post something else via phone, and we drove out of service area before it posted.  So, I enjoyed the scenery, and shot more photos.  Next time I had a connection I found:

Mr. C:   It's a little out of focus

Ms. P:   Man, it's dark in here. .

About this time, we returned from our 7 hour day trip/ride to Roosevelt Lake/Dam.  I spent some time with the fur kids, meds, food, water, potty, more potty, hug me mom, my tummy hurts, more potty, etc.  When I finally logged on to Facebook the comments were flying pretty fast - - -

Mina (she was having way too much fun with this):  A picture of the "dark room" for developing!!!

My first comment:   U R all right,  I told U that smart phone was smarter than I am.

Ms. C:  Oh were you posting a picture??? I show a blank screen...which my mind is currently

At this point, I posted the "real story", relating how Mina and I were laughing so hard - - -

Nita:  Never thought a blank photo would get so many comments. I'll have to try it sometime! Glad you got a good laugh. I figured it was something like that. I'm also glad you didn't fall down! LOL

Now, we start getting serious, and Ms. A, asks:  Isn't there a way to turn the touch screen off so that doesn't happen?

To which I respond:  Don't know Ms.A, the phone is smarter than I!  Seriously, the phone really has a mind of it's own, I had it OFF, laid it down on my lap (touch screen facing the roof of Big Butt), never touched it, and it turned back on. Turned it off, it turned back on, over and over again. So, in this case, touch screen had nothing to do with it!   Smart - - - phone!

Ms. A responds:  Hmmm? Smartphones for dummies?

Mina:    I am glad you spent so much time with this photo!!! :-)

Mr. R (same fella as the 2 comments above, this comment is written the next AM):   Carol, this has to be one of your best photos, just look at all the great comments!

Ms. NR:  I'm hearing the voice of HAL... The phones will rule the world. 'Course that might be an improvement.

Mina (who has had all night to contemplate her next post):  Possibly the "spirits" of one of her families ancestors have taken over her phone!!!

I respond:   Now Mina, I think you are getting close! 

Ms. P (another friend who had previously commented):  So now we have to "friend" your smart phone?

Me to Mr. R and Ms. P:    R, I believe you are right. P, no, please do NOT encourage the phone, it has an attitude problem already, eh??

And, here it is, THE SMART PHONE!

*OKKK, maybe you just had to be there - - - -


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Nita said...

Well, now it's even funnier seeing it in your blog! Smart phone.....It knows how to get a good laugh!