Friday, March 18, 2011

THE Trip, More Trip Reports Coming To Reflections Soon

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

I'll bet some of you wondered if Man and I arrived in Gold Canyon and stopped sightseeing.  Nope, not a chance.  But, Carol took a break from posting about our touristy stops, cause, well, I was kinda tired of posting trip reports.  Can you imagine?  The horror!  LOL  Truth is, these posts take considerable time, some take hours, like 4 hours, or more to write, research, process the photos and edit, and edit some more.  Since this is my trip scrapbook, I take the time to try and reflect our days, but, in summary style.  When I take 250 photos in an afternoon, it takes a while to figure out which photos do in fact, reflect the best of the best and which tell the story the best.

Plus a little computer scare/trouble last week slowed me down a bit too.  Man found and fixed.  I spent some time doing a total file back up to the external hard drive.  That required several hours of renaming and moving photo files, and I should have deleted several hundred icky photos, but, did not even take the time to do that.

SOOO, since then, I have been doing some maintenance, I resized a number of photos in my Picasa storage area. This took some time, but, I gained back some storage.  By the way, I don't just upload my photos to Picasa and then link to my blog posts.  Each and every photo is processed, tweaked a little for brightness and contrast, cropped, resized, THEN, posted.  I manually post the photos, I don't use the auto load from Blogger, because I want to maintain control over what directory they go into at Picasa.  This also takes time, but, it is time I feel is well worth the effort.

So, hopefully in the next day or so you will start reading more reports on THE Trip, Gold Canyon style.  In the meantime, here is a view of the campground we are in here in the Gold Canyon, the Arizonian, thanks to GoogleMaps/Earth.

Note, it is surrounded by desert, we are out in the "country".  We like the location quite a bit.  MOC (Montana Owners Club) friends Mina and Bob are here, so you know we have been out trying to get into trouble, and for sure, Bob found some - - stay tuned.


Nita said...

Carol, you do such a great job posting on many different things. I don't know how you do it every day. I have a hard enough time posting twice a week. Keep up the good work, as I know your readers are enjoying it (me being one!).

Barbara Poole said...

Glad you are slowing down, you need to stop and smell the roses along the way. Have fun, and take a break after four months of blogging on the road.

Karen said...

Don't feel bad about not getting time to write - I can't even find time to read lately! But I do enjoy your interesting posts, and all of your sightseeing. Looks like a large campground you're at!

Greta Koehl said...

I am actually happy to read this - I have been out this week, and this means that I didn't miss anything from Reflections! Besides, you have more than earned a break!

Carol said...

Break is over, another installment of THE Trip, comin' at cha tomorrow AM.

A little BBQ and some folk art - -