Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bless you Skype

Man's mother is home, medical situation under control.  She is with Son # 1's family tonight for the holiday and has been enjoying the holiday festivities, the Christmas Eve church service and children with all the live animals. Back at home, we Skyped.  The girls opened their presents from us, we opened ours from them.  We got to talk to everyone and got to see Man's mother.  Bless you Skype.

Man and I are thankful for the good care his mother received this week.  Man and I just had the best gift possible.

Happy Holidays and good health to all.


TennLady said...

How much fun was that! Cool.

lindalee said...

However did we live without technology. Merry Christmas to you and Man. I will be an eager follower to your blog in 2010.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Skype is a God-send no? I don't know what I did without it out!

Have a joyous holiday Carol!

Karen said...

So glad to hear your MIL is out of the hospital. :))