Friday, December 4, 2009

Lambert's, ALMOST MADE IT, by Keakyfht

They FINALLY remembered Keakyfht was along for the 2009-2010 Winter Tana Tour.

Yesterday Carol and Man went out to run errands.

"Is this the best I get? Errands?", I asked.

"Sorta", answered Carol, "but, I will let you see where Man and I are going to have lunch."

Above, I am wayyyyy off to the right, hanging, for cripes sakes, on the rear view mirror of Big Butt.  Through the windshield you can see where Man and Carol had lunch, and you can see the URL for the web site too!

That is as close as they let me get!  I missed the huge amounts of food, I missed the dinner roll throwing, I missed the waitress playing jokes on Carol.  I am soooooo sorry I missed that, cause Man said Carol jumped pretty good and let out a small sound sorta like a yelp, when the cute little waitress pretended to spill ice tea all over Carol!  HAHAHAHA  Guess it was all fake. 

Here is a look at most of the huge mural painted on the outside of the building.  The people represent the owners and family.

Wonder what I have to do to get INSIDE the next neat place like this Carol and Man go to.  Hey, what do I have to do to just get OUT of Big Butt?

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