Monday, December 21, 2009

Spelling Don't Count, WO style

Cousin and fellow WO, Anne, has started her own genie blog, Gene Notes.  Congrats!  Her very first post, is about a subject that the WO's discuss ALL the time, SPELLING!!

Cousin and fellow WO, Karen, who blogs over at Genealogy Frame of Mind, has hit on this spelling theme as well, as she did in her post, Four Things To Remember... , and Spelling Don't Count...

I have mentioned this a few times as well, I checked and I have at least 6 posts in which I have "labeled" spelling, such as Spelling Don't Count, Spelling don't count, indexing either, Spelling don't count, even IF it is in stone, and Spelling Don’t Count, Even in Indexing, Save Me Please!

Yes siree, the WO's have and will continue to discuss spelling issues in family history.  Spelling and indexing, some of our favorite subjects.  Over the years we have composed and sent hundreds of emails on these two subjects alone!

Stay tuned, I am real sure that Anne, Karen and I will bring up this subject again, probably many times! 

Spelling Don't Count!!!!