Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Genea-Santa: 86th Carnival of Genealogy

Thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene for hosting this Christmas challenge.  It reads:

We can't go into the Christmas holiday without our genealogy wish lists for Genea-Santa!!! So write up a list of what you'd like Genea-Santa to bring you and share it in the COG :-)

It has been quite a few years since I wrote a letter to Ole Saint Nick.  Too many years to count.  So, without further ado:

Dear Genea-Santa:

I have been a pretty good girl this year.  I have done lookups, and stomped in several cemeteries (in hot weather and cold, covered in bug spray and sun screen) this past year gathering data to share with other researchers. 

My wishes for this year, not in any specific order:

1.)  A family campout like we did last summer, it was great fun and built great family memories.

2.)  Strength, and focus for me, I really need to finish that Lashbrook book project.

3.)  Time, energy and opportunity for genie-volunteers everywhere, they are the back bone of the genie-community.   While I am talking volunteers here, would it be possible to send a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to all genie-volunteers.  We need them to know how much they are appreciated.  Thanks!

4.)  Proof of the marriage of Charles Gratton Trumbo and Anna Susan Holsinger.  This one is gonna be a bit tough as we believe they were married by John F. Driver, of Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia,  a Brethren, and that the marriage was performed in Driver's home.  (Can you hear the loud SIGHSSS??)  Since I am asking about Charles, would it be too much to find SOME document that shows his parents??  Probably, but, can't blame a gal for trying can ya??

Have a great ride on Christmas Eve, 2009, give the reindeer an extra helping of their favorite treat (carrots, right??). Hug Mrs. Claus, she deserves a big hug and thanks for all she does all year round.  Not sure I can manage the cookies under the tree thing this year, Tana's tree is pretty small.  Besides baking cookies in Tana is tedious, and I am getting rather lazy.  Would it be ok to owe ya on that cookie thing??  Lets face it, you probaby won't miss the calories and I won't miss the carbs from all the cookies that I might eat!

Thanks Santa,

*One last wish, whispered ever so quietly, that trip to Salt Lake City, the mecca of genie-libraries.  Man has promised me one, even a full month in Tana there, so I can research till I drop.  Any assistance you could send our way on this one would be great, as we have had trouble pulling this off by ourselves.   If you cannot supply this wish, for it surely is a BIGGIE, I will understand.  Thanks.

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lindalee said...

I hope you get the Salt Lake City wish and maybe some dry weather.