Saturday, December 26, 2009

iPod Touch and GedView

Santa was sweet to me this year, I have been drooling about an iPod since the Fall Montana Rally, when friend Terrie introduced me to Nike - iPod shoe application. Terrie and I both walk, we walk together during the Rally. I loved the techy walking app.

As we walked and chatted, Terrie mentioned all the cool apps you could add to a iPod Touch or Phone. I had always wanted a Palm held device to tote my genie data base around in. And, my photos, and ohhh, some music, appointments, get my email, etc., etc., etc.

I started doing some research about iPod genie apps. A Google search and I had quickly reduced the choices to three, GedView, Shrubs, and FamViewer. I went looking for current independent reviews of each, was a bit surprised that the most recent reviews were done over the summer. I asked at the Genea-Bloggers Group at FaceBook and only received one response, thank you Thomas. Next I started comparing the feedback comments at the iTunes Store and the comments I did find from the independent reviews. Some of the functions that were now available were the things that went lacking in the independent reviewers opinions. Six months is a LONG time, many changes were made to the applications.

You will quickly discover if you search the iTunes Store that the three choices I have listed vary in price, from $3.99 to $14.99. After reviewing the choices, and what I was seeing on the iTunes Store reviews, I went with GedView. And, for $3.99 I am NOT sorry. In fact, I am delighted!

I did have a bit of trouble loading my data on the program, and ALL the trouble was operator error/learning curve. First I had the wrong format for the data transfer. DUHHH Carol! Then I uploaded the GEDCOM to a document storage area online, only to discover that online storage was not compatible with GedView. By now, I was emailing the programmer. I received quick answers (he lives in England, take into consideration time zones!). Answers were concise with GREAT directions! Did not take David Knight long to get this ole gal on the right track. I actually ended up using the iPod to computer functionality (explained SOOOO well by David) to upload my GEDCOM to GedView.

My data base has over 16,000 people. It did not take long to load on to the iPod.

So, what transferred?

1.) Facts did, I have a custom fact titled “Unproven Birth” which transferred beautifully, including sources. My custom facts, such as Heirlooms and Greeting Cards which are mostly linked to photos and images transferred, but, of course, the images did not.

2.) Text notes did, my main text notes transferred, even my really LONG notes.

3.) Sources did!

What did NOT transfer?

1.) The photos did not link, however, I did not expect them to.

Once I got the data base on the iPod, I was clicking away, ooohing and ahhhhing. Yepper, GedView appears to do what I need. It even does stuff I may not use, like a GEDCOM from the iPod back to the computer. I like the color coding for ladies and gents, I like the way you flow from one person to the next, index - yep!! Pedigree chart, descendency chart, family group sheets. WAHOOOO!

Disclaimers: My first experience with an iPod, I am still learning. I did not down load or try the other two apps, they may be what you want. I am still learning what did or did not transfer and how to use the app, this is not to be considered an extensive review. I am NOT a professional reviewer, just a gal who loves family history and techy toys!

The web site for GedView is here:

* GedView icon courtesy of David Knight.


Karen said...

Thanks for pioneering this app, Carol! I got my iPod a few months ago, and lacked the courage to take the plunge with a genealogy app. It would be tremendously convenient to have data on such a transportable little gem like the iPod, especially at the library.

Carol said...

I have discovered that my to do list did not transfer, and then discovered I did not have it turned on to transfer in the GEDCOM. Tomorrow I will try that and see what happens. In the meantime I am looking at Text reader apps for the iPod and have downloaded one. Again, tomorrow I'll have a in depth lookie see. But, I already know I can send my to do list to a PDF or Txt file and then read it with the text reader. Might actually prefer it that way. Are we having fun yet??

Don't be afraid Karen, you can always remove any app you don't like. Course I hate paying for something that I end up ditching, so I can understand being cautious.

Joan Miller said...

Very nice overview of GedView, Carol. I've tried both Shrubs and GedView and definitely prefer the latter. Another nice thing I like about GedView is that you can import more than one gedcom. I have my uncle's databases of several side branches I like to reference too. There is a list of all the genealogy apps I found for iPhone on my webpage.

Carol said...

Joan, that is a nice list of apps. The same as you, I do NOT use Apple computer, so several of the apps are not for us. I believe that Shrubs has a new app in the works, for those that like the sound of it. I also like that I can have more than one data base on GedView, VERY useful. For what I paid for GedView, I am delighted.

lindalee said...

I have watched my VERY enthusiastic brother with his and heard the constant response to any and all questions...."I have an app for that!" But a genealogy you're talkin! You may have just sold me on this new

Alice Dilts said...

I use GedView on the iPhone. It is nice to have my family tree with me without lugging my binder.