Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life in a RV, errr, Trials and Tribulations From the Past

I am doing some internet/computer/email housekeeping. I will never clean it all up, but that is another blog post for another day. Today's cleaning found an email from August 2008 when Man and I were taking Tana to Goshen Indiana for some repairs. Life as an RVer is never boring. It can be heavenly, it can be a challenge. Here is a story of one of those CHALLENGING days!


KKKKKK, we are in downtown Goshen, about 3 or 4 miles from the place that is gonna fix the landing gear, Lippert.

I mean, we are in DOWNTOWN Goshen, like downtown Tecumseh, only a little larger, but, dead arse downtown, no place to pull over, traffic up the ying yang.

SOOOOO, In the middle of downtown, all of a sudden, we hear this thunk thunk thunk. Man is screaming, we got a flat, we got a flat. It is obviously on my side, in the back, two tires, we know you can drive with 1 flat on dual tires. So, we keep driving, yep, we do.

Thunk thunk thunk.

So, we end up driving about 1 mile before we find a chiropractor's office to pull in, which, by the way, did not make that chiropractor happy as we were sitting in the middle of his driveway for 45 minutes.

The white section on the right of this photo is the fender in FRONT of the tires. You can see Man's hand letting air out of the tire. You can see a hunk of concrete wedged between the two tires.

It took letting ALL the air out of the outside tire and banging on the concrete with a hammer and a long breaker bar (long bar of steel or something).

Anyway, he hit that danged thing for about 30 minutes before it finally fell out. AND YES, I have it as a memento of the day.

We we able to get 35 pounds of air in the tire because we have a air compressor. You can only let this compressor run about 10 minutes at a time. So, he ran it in the drive there, and got 35 pounds, got to Lippert and ran again, and then got to the campground and ran again.

Only reason we could do this is cause we have the dual wheels, otherwise you could not run a tire that way.


That stone still is under the back seat of Big Butt, the memory of the thunking still fresh in our minds.  As Man and I frequently say, "Owning a RV means, Ya better be handy with your hands and handy with your cash."  This time it took some hands, some tools and a lot of Man's energy to bash that concrete rock outta Big Butt's tire.

Not long after we replaced the tires, it was time, and this episode/experience convinced Man not to wait any longer.  Surprisingly, we saw no evidence of damage to the interior of those two tires.

Now, I will delete that email.  One down, thousands to go!

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