Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Elberta Alabama, Turning Lemons to Lemonade

Despite best planning and many dentist and doctor' visits prior to departure, things happen. In this case it is a broken tooth, Moi did it!  SIGH. Happened week of Thanksgiving, long story, in the short format:  Several phone calls to home dentist, insurance company, a bit of net surfing locating a local dentist that accepts said insurance, couple of hours later, dentist in Elberta pronounces that a crown is the fix.  They put a temp build up fix to get me through the holiday and appointment made for the next week to do the prep work.  Since we hope to be out here in Tana for a while, the temp build probably won't hold up to get us back to the home dentist.

So, they do the prep and put a temp crown on.  I am good for a few days, but --- popped off the temp crown late Thursday night. Oh, blast!  I had to wait till this AM to get that baby put back on.  Not the most comfy 36 hours I have spent, but, no pain pills were required, so you know it was not that bad!

Back to Elberta we go this AM, crown now back in place, discomfort subsiding, we decide to take in some local sight seeing and turn my tooth lemon into fun lemonade.

First stop:  Elberta Hardware.  This speciman was on the front porch.  I'll let you form your own opinions.

Man drug me to the back of the store, just had to show me what he claims is the best collection of lawn mower blades he has ever seen.  This is only half of the display, by the way.  Yepper, it is a Man thing!!

The building the Elberta Hardware resides in has a great history!  It contained a 2 lane duck pin bowling alley, it was a USO center and a dance hall.  You can tell (somewhat) from this photo, that this was the bowling alley portion of the building, LONG room!

And, someone had one of the old pins and the duck pin ball and gave them to the owners, aren't they great??

More about our Lemons to Lemonade, Elberta Alabama experience coming soon (OK - in the next blog post as soon as I can get it prepared.)

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TennLady said...

Bernard wants one of those bike/mowers.