Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Surf's Up

For the last couple of days we have had a spot of bad weather, buckets of rain, some wind, a tornado watch, and over in Florida in the Panhandle, a tornado warning with a sighting.  They are expecting some of the rivers to flood about 2 to 3 foot above flood level and there are a LOT of big puddles everywhere.   Friends John and Donna asked if we would like to go eat Mexican, some comfort food.  But, of course!  So, for lunch today we drove over to Florida, to Vallarta's, which came recommended.  Lunch was fully enjoyed!

On the way over we noted that surf was pounding, and everyone knew that on the way back to Gulf Shores a stop at one of the State Parks was a must.

Moi had her camera on a wrong setting, such a shame, as I got this interesting coloration (almost black and white) on this shot of the surf.  (Remember if you click on the photo it will open larger in a new page, then click the back button to return to Reflections From the Fence.)

Man shot this surfer, after he corrected the camera settings.  Action shot!!

We walked the beach for well over an hour enjoying the rough seas and surf and Mother Nature's reward for suffering through the hissy fit weather she had served up the last few days.  It was extra special because we did not expect the sunshine and the bright blue skies. 

Nope, this unexpected delight was not hard to take at all!

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