Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday, Confederate Rest Cemetery, Point Clear, Baldwin County, Alabama

Man and I have been investigating the historical homes, sites and cemeteries here in Baldwin County Alabama.  I spied the Confederate Rest Cemetery on one of the maps we have of the area, so after several LONG days of rain the sun came out, and we drove over for a visit.  This is also the site of the Point Clear Cemetery, they share the same area.  To me it appears that the Confederate Cemetery lies within the Point Clear Cemetery, further research would be required to make it totally clear in my mind.

Also known as the Old Confederate Cemetery, you can read some about it here.

Find A Grave has the Confederate Rest Cemetery, listed here.

Here are some photos we took on our visit, they speak for themselves:

Next 3 photos were not in the Confederate burial area.

This next grave was right inside the gate, no markings, I was drawn right to it, and drawn back again on our way out.

Man and I spent an hour or so wandering around the Confederate Rest Cemetery, humbled by the history and beauty.

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Karen said...

Something about those old cemeteries this time of year, seems so cold & lonely. Thanks for sharing the photo's. Awesome photo's & blog as usual!

Anonymous said...

Members of my mother's family have searched over the years to learn the burial place of their great grandfather, who was wounded during the Civil War, died and was buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Alabama.

Your Reflections give confirmation and insight into what they had been told, although no individual record exists for him still.

The pictures posted are both touching and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

We recently visited The Grand Hotel in Point Clear AL, and heard all about the Confederate Rest Cemetery. At one point in it's history, the Grand Hotel was used as a war hospital for Confederate soldiers. Those soldiers who passed away were buried in Confederate Rest Cemetery. For years, The Grand Hotel maintained the former hospital's records on those interred at the cemetery, but unfortunately, the original Grand Hotel burned down and all the records were lost in the fire thus making most of those interred in Confederate Rest truly known at this point. While the Hotel was later rebuilt (and is beautiful!), all the history was lost in the big fire. Perhaps that is why the previous poster's family can find no information on their great grandfather.

Hope this helps.