Monday, December 28, 2009

GedView MIA's and a work around, GoodReader

As I have played more with GedView, I discovered that my to do list did not transfer. I thought it might be more operator error, so, I revisited the situation.

I did another export of the GEDCOM, and I made sure that "to do list" was clicked ON, meaning, please transfer my to do list. I had GedView go get the new GEDCOM, it wrote right over the existing data base, which is just what I wanted it to do, as I had named it the same on purpose.

The to do list is still MIA. I expected the same.  Now, I know for sure I need another trick/fix to tote along my to do list.  I figure what I need is a PDF and text file reader.  I studied the reviews at the iTune Store and chose GoodReader, Version 2.4. Right now it is on sale, so, I only spent 99 cents for the reader.

Here is the plan: In my computer family history data base, create a to do list. Print to a PDF file - - which my data base program does. Now, import that PFD file to the iPod Touch via GoodReader. Use GoodReader to read the to do list. Ta da, Carol is ready for a research trip!

I have only done one transfer to the iPod app GoodReader so far, it was a small PDF file, only 5kb.  It transfered via the laptop to iPod via Wifi so fast I thought, well, here ya go Carol, MORE operator error.  But, NOOOOOO, I did the operation correctly, it was just fast.  I was able to open the file and read it, no problem. 

I am still learning the application tools, and I gotta admit, I barely read the instructions.  To me a good application or computer program is one that is intuitive, meaning, I can get in there and get some results right away, with only a little stumbling around.  I tend to read directions later on to fine tune my understanding of the program, which of course, improves function.

However, that said, I would strongly advise new iPod users to read the directions on file transfer FIRST.  Read them a couple of times.  The file transfer process for both GedView and GoodReader are similar.  David Knight sent those great directions during my learning curve with GedView.  Thanks David!  Again!  I had no trouble tonight repeating the process and using my new found knowledge to get a successful transfer with GoodReader.

* GoodReader graphic courtesy of  Their web site is here.

** And, the disclaimers:  My first experience with an iPod, I am still learning.  This is not to be considered an extensive review. I am NOT a professional reviewer, just a gal who loves family history and techy toys!

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