Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Elberta Alabama, Chili and The Second Glass of Lemonade

My readers may remember from my Fairhope Alabama post, that I have a life long goal to meet as many interesting people, my "Characters", as I can.  While making lemonade outta my lemons (the tooth saga) today, I got to meet not one, but TWO characters.  Met an awful lot of really nice and interesting people today, but these two stand out above the crowd.

After our delightful tour of the Elberta Hardware, we popped over the the Baldwin County Heritage Museum

We were greeted by Becky Holiday, Director and Odyssey Curator.  Becky is energetic, bubbly, talented, and deeply emotionally attached to this museum.  I was very impressed with her displays, they were artistic, not cluttery, very tasteful.  The collection of artifacts the museum has is impressive. There is a display of some fantastic folk art type quilt/wall hangings made by local stitchers, I believe the best I have ever seen. Here is just one small corner of the museum, one display that has been decorated for the holiday season.

We spied this great 1911 Evinrude boat motor.

Becky surely rates as a "Character", we will surely revisit this great museum, as we did not get to see it all today.  Besides, I cannot wait to chat with Becky again, she has LOTS of stories to tell!

After leaving bubbly Becky we went right back to the Elberta Hardware where they were sponsoring a Chili Cookoff, proceeds to charity.  Despite the chilly (oh oh I see a double entendre happening here) weather, the Chili was cooked, ready for sampling and voting for your favoite.  Some of the Chili was spicy, the 4H kids had one they called Taco Chili which had Frito chips, spicy chili mix, topped with cheese and sour cream.  Oh, yum!  My favorite was served up by Wolf Bay Lodge, Inc.  Somehow they made their chili creamy.  Man tried every chili offered.  I did not ask him to reveal his favorite.

The Wolf Bay Lodge crew, my second nomination for a "Character" is the beaming gal. She sparkled from top to bottom, and sadly, I have forgotten her given name.

Gotta say, Man and I had a grand time today, making lemonades outta lemons!  And the Chili was great too!

*There is a web site for Wolf Bay Lodge, but, it kinda froze up my computer, so, I have chosen not to link to it here on this post.


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