Sunday, February 22, 2015

World Thinking Day 2015, More of My Girl Scout Career

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo, of Nutfield Genealogy, has offered up a challenge for Thinking Day again this year.  Last years challenge read in part:

"Let's have everyone who was ever a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Girl Guide or involved anyway in scouting post your memories on Facebook, and post links to your blog stories about scouting! I'll do a roll up of all the blog contributions ...."

Last year I participated.   Since then, I have new photos of some of my Girl Scouting days.  I believe this photo is of a "bridging ceremony".  You can read a bit about the bridging ceremony here.

I recognize a few faces.  That said, I honestly am not sure which girl I am.  Thinking my face is covered, do not think my back is to the camera.  I may be, MAYBE, the girl facing the camera, far to the right on this photo.

Isn't that definitive??  LOL

You can see, that there were girls of different ages and sizes.  Brownies and Girl Scouts.

I have a faint recollection of this, obviously, it was a big deal, we were in a larger auditorium, most likely at a school.  I have to wonder if it was at Crary Junior High, Waterford Township, Oakland County, Michigan?

The event was well attended, lots of proud parents and families.

Did you note the perforated edges on the photo, a Polaroid!  Black and white.  Fairly well preserved thanks to my mother.  (Thanks Mom!)

Were you a scout??  Tell us all about it.



Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Thanks for participating in the Thinking Day meme again, Carol! I loved this photo because those were all the same uniforms I wore as a Girl Scout. They have changed a lot over the years.

Carol said...

Thanks Heather. I have at least one more photo, saved for next year. Something a bit different.