Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We're Living on Route 66 :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Even tho many like to think that Man and I are on vacation, I am here to tell you we are not.  When you run from the cold and snow and live in a RV for months on end like we do, you are not on vacation.  OK, you get to go to places far from home and see some beauty that will take your breath away.  But, let me tell you, you cannot be on vacation for 4 to 10 months straight.  You must stop, do chores, do taxes, you know, every day stuff.  You must stop and rest, sit, do nothing.  You need some time to plan the next place to visit.  You need time to reflect, to play with hobbies, to read, to watch mindless television. You need time to Skype with grandtwins.  Just living takes up a lot of time.  Note I did not even mention doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, you know those mundane everyday things.

So, when Man and I travel, we try to stop for at least a week each place.  Sometimes we stay a bit longer, or shorter. And, several times during the winter we stop for a month.  We stop because monthly rates are soooo much more reasonable.  We stop because we need to (for all those reasons already stated). And, we stop because if we want to go north, we find that we need to wait so that warmer temps are the norm.  I mean, we leave SE Michigan to get warm, so, why would we go into cold weather just to sight see??  Nope, warm is a very good thing.

So, for basically the month of February, we are in Needles California.

So happens Needles is along Route 66, ya, that Route 66.

Did you know that Charles Schulz, the cartoon genius behind Snoopy and Spike once lived here in Needles??  Indeed he did, during the time frame of 1928–1930.  And, we found the streets honoring Charles.  See, Spikes and Schulz. And, yes, they intersect.  Researching Spike and Snoopy, you can find some fun pages.

There is even a mural in town honoring Snoopy and Spike.

There are other murals around town celebrating Route 66:

Fun, eh??  Yes, Man and I are living on Route 66.  For an entire month!

And since we are living the life, walking the walk, driving the route, you know, all that stuff, we decided we needed to dress the part.  So, we bought the shirt.  Err, shirts.  (OK, fess up time, they were on sale.  Hard to pass up a shirt on sale.  But, they are Route 66 shirts - cept that one white one with the chili peppers on it.)

So, here we are, in the middle of the dessert, living on Route 66.  The sunsets have been shop stoppers.  And, we are living on Route 66.  Really.  The address of the campground is xxxx National Old Trails Highway.

I think it is kinda fun to say we lived on Route 66 for a period of time - - just sayin - - 


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