Wednesday, February 4, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Shore Acres Gardens, near Coos Bay Oregon :: The Breathtaking Shoreline

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June 7, 2013, many many months ago.  No, we are NOT in Oregon today.

The beauty of the gardens at Shore Acres State Park is undeniable.  However, the shore line surpasses that, if that is possible.  In my mind, it is possible.

Note,  this post is graphics heavy.  Also note:  I did no editing of any of these photos, except to resize for Reflections. No auto correct, no contrast, no brightness adjustments.  Nadda, nothing, none! Photos presented in the order that they were taken.

This section of coastline, like none other that we had seen to this point was about color, texture, shapes, formations, all to the extreme.  It has something to do with tilted sandstone, faults, wave action, something called concretions and other geological things I have no understanding of.  What I do know is that this is as unusual and spectacular as anything I have seen and it appeals to me on the artistic, the "I stand in awe and wonder" part of my life.

Come along as Sony Too and I take you for a sensory overload trip along the coast.  Zooming, focusing on details of texture and shapes.  Enjoy - -

At some point Man and I became separated.  Here he is, holding onto his hat so it won't blow off and calling me, asking, "Where ARE you??"  "Why," I respond, "over here taking your photo!".

And, then, I turn and there is red!  Screaming at me.  Red!

The Cape Arago Lighthouse, no words.  Must breathe.

Our stay in Coos Bay is over, northward we go.


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