Friday, February 6, 2015

Two Airstreams - - One Traveling Couple - - Brilliant Choice of Rig(s)

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Now and then I share with you something that is just special.  Like today. I don't believe I have shared this particular "something special" before.  If I have, well, enjoy it again.

On a prior trip we were parked next to these two Airstreams, one a self contained van, the other a more conventional Airstream.  The Van towed the trailer.  But, when the couple wanted to, they could just take off in the van and do a day trip or a week trip, or whatever, and still they were RVing in style.

Brilliant!  Probably a bit pricey, but, really, brilliant.

Brilliant.  Oh, I said that.

*Airstream is a long time recognized RV manufacturer.  They have not asked me to review their product.  I am not reviewing.  Please read Disclaim THAT! Beholden to - - 


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