Friday, February 6, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Boiler Bay State Park Scenic View Point, Depoe Bay Oregon

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These photos and day trip are dated June 9, 2013.  NOT in Oregon today.

Today turned out to be all about waves crashing and "spouting horns".  First the waves - - 

Boiler Bay State Park Scenic View Point is a small (about 34 acres) spot to stop, and about half a million people a  year do so, according to the Oregon State Parks web site.  It is just north of Depoe Bay, Oregon.  It was named for the remains of of the freighter J. Marhoffer.  The boiler is reported to be visible at low tide. The ship wrecked off the point in 1910.  We did not see the boiler during our visit.

Some one left a memorial to a loved one.

All about the waves crashing.  This is where a video would be a better choice.  Instead, I played at catching the crashing waves, high, low, rolling over the rocks.  Tis a game of anticipation.  Click.

The fence appears to surround a deep hole, maybe one of those "spouting horns"?

Crash, you can compare to the first photo.

Next stop, Depot Bay, for spouting horns and more Sony Too shooting fun!


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