Friday, February 20, 2015

Southwest Sunsets, Never Enough, Takes My Breath Away, Everytime! Winter Sojourn 2014/15

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

From two nights ago here at Needles California.  Looks like it is going to be a great sunset, we have CLOUDS!

I have run out of words - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - or not.  

Remember, we get 360 degree sunsets here, I spin, I shoot, I spin some more, I shoot more.  This night, I shot over 30 sunset photos.  I am only sharing 10.   Six are taken with panoramic.  Yes, I am in love/awe standing out there on the desert floor.  

We don't have a lot of time left here in Needles.  I know I am going to miss the sunsets here.  Do not doubt it.

*All photos are hand held.  Sometimes there is a blip or two in the panoramics.  No photos were edited for this post, except for storage size, no color enhancements, no contrast, brightness or sharpness editing.


Jan Mains said...

Where are you headed when you leave Needles?

Carol said...

Up to Utah, Arizona, St. George, Page, and points undetermined as of yet.