Thursday, February 12, 2015

Of Wind, Allergies, Sunsets and Fireworks, Back at Lake Havasu :: Winter Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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So, here we are back at Lake Havasu for 5 nights for the 26th Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show.

There are about 18 in the group, a very very informal MOC gathering.

The wind for the last few days has been brisk, sarcasm and understatement intended.  It is blowing pollen around. My nose and my body have not been happy.  BLECH.

All that wind and allergies set aside, there was a nice enough sunset tonight:

I took Sony Too out with the tri-pod.  I am no fan of tri-pods.  SIGHHH.  The tri-pod left the game plan early on.  I went to hand held with special settings for fireworks and a huge wall of concrete barriers I can tripod my arms on. I know, the pros will cringe.  Sorry.  Here is a sample of tonight's early show.  No editing done on any of this post's photos.  Just reduced the storage size to get them on here.  Effects mostly due to the long exposure time on the "fireworks" setting on Sony Too.  And, a few wiggles by, you know, Moi.

They set this one off as I was walking back from a short break at Tana.  I pointed and shot, mid step.  It was sure purdy.

Interestingly enough, it looks like two different fireworks here, but, this is one captured twice by Sony Too, top and on the way down.

Tomorrow night, I'll see what happens.  I think the big show is on Saturday.



Vicki said...

You got some great shots! Good job!

Carol said...

Thanks, Vicki. Interesting learning curve. Will be fun to try some more over the next 3 nights.

Jan Mains said...

Last year they had a lot more on Thursday but that was their 25th year celebration. Looks like great weather for the show.

Carol said...

The weather does look great, a bit warm, but, no rain and for now, NO WIND! YAAAA!

Glad to see you getting around Jan, kudos to you!