Saturday, February 7, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Taft Oregon

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From MONTHS ago, June 9, 2013 to be exact.  Nope, we are NOT in Oregon today.

Now part of Lincoln City, Taft was established in 1906 William Howard Taft, who was Secretary of War from 1904 to 1908.  (Taft would become the 27th U.S. President)

We had our lunch here, and I took a few photos, of course.

What I found very interesting, in this area, were the dead trees, stumps and driftwood.  The signage nearby explained that the logs are deposited here yearly from the high water, gale force winds and the flooding That takes place upriver from Taft.  Apparently there are about 50 % fewer logs now than before, due to changes in the lumber industry.

This house was very neat and had the benefit of a piece of artwork hung outside.


I believe this would be considered "art" as well.  Those are not wearable flip flops, but, are embedded in the pavement.

On the way home, water, green, just nice, eh??

A nice day over all. Spectacular scenery, again.  Sony Too took about 120 photos today, the next day, we would take those 120 and 200 more!


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